There’s something quiet, almost unspoken, about being Nordic. Tough winters see nature come to a standstill… only to be reawakened by the powers of spring.

When woods and rivers patiently hibernate until they return to full life with the first rays of sun. When aspen and alder trees grow tall and beautiful to be reborn into pieces of fine woodwork. When after a long day you enter a sauna feeling the need to peacefully unwind and free your mind.

At Auroom, we aim to be the true ambassadors of the Nordic sauna and wellness culture, who passionately and relentlessly spread it around the world.

We create our saunas to bring you wellness. We have a long-standing passion for wood and master pure, clean, modern design, perfected to the last detail. Our saunas are tailored to meet your wishes and desires, and powered by our dedication and craftsmanship.

Our sauna traditions, which stretch over centuries, have been given a modern shape to fit into today’s world and make your days more enjoyable both aesthetically and physically.

We invite you to experience that first-hand.

Feel refreshed, feel reborn.

Who we are

Auroom offers a fully customizable range of high-quality, easy-to-install saunas and sauna components made from high-quality wood. With a broad selection of wood types, profiles, and treatments, our experts will help you select from our standard models or customize to your precise requirements to create your perfect sauna experience.


The sauna is a place to feel good, and we always keep this guiding principle in mind – our designs are easy on the eye, energizing for the body and soothing for the soul. Auroom represents a new level of wellness, where the tranquility of ancient forests meets exquisite modern design.


We offer a stunning range of carefully crafted designs, from saunas with sleek, modern looks and the latest technology from Europe’s leading manufacturers to striking features and traditional aesthetics – so whatever you have in mind, we can provide a sauna to cater for your unique style.


All saunas from Auroom are completely customizable. That means that whatever you need your sauna to be – whether an indoor, outdoor, or infrared model – we’ll work with you to ensure that it meets your exact specifications, no matter what materials you want to use and where you want to place it.

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