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Blissful balance – a stunning sauna that shimmers and soothes

Blissful balance – a stunning sauna that shimmers and soothes


This vibrant private sauna was designed to showcase the beauty of thermally modified radiata pine – in particular, the subtle ceiling lights highlight the attractive pattern and inherent warmth of this majestic wood. Through its striking contrast with the light tone of natural aspen, along with its rounded corners, the radiata pine’s dark mystique brings a touch of luxury to the sauna.

For anyone who loves soothing round edges and a truly relaxing atmosphere, this sauna will provide the perfect tonic. With the benches, floor and ceiling made with thermally modified radiata pine alongside aspen walls, this unique design shows how different materials can be used flexibly, with a variety of contrasting elements coming together to create the perfect harmony.

This sauna brings out the beauty of radiata pine, truly allowing the loveliest features of this dark wood to shine. The ceiling has a special curved shape, with skillful lighting used to accentuate the wood’s smooth yet strong appeal. Radiata pine is also a wonderful wood to work with, and it’s perfect for creating the wavy lines and curved edges that are used to good effect for the cozy, comfortable bench.

As well as the gorgeous wood on show, the sauna has another element that radiates health and wellness; the salt brick wall. The Himalayan salt give the sauna a warm and relaxing tone, while also reducing air pollution and helping users to detox and destress. For additional atmospheric customization, colored LED lights have been installed behind the salt wall, with the curved edge around the bricks harmonizing with the ceiling design to beautifully round off the look of the sauna.

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