4,5 kW, 6 kW, 9 kW

The electric Auroom AURA heater is a high-quality product of Finland that represents authentic sauna experience with great and soft steam. The heater is solid, durable and safe to use. Due to the large stone capacity (25 kg), it creates both heat and humidity.

Sauna stones

20 kg

One box includes 20 kg of traditional olivine diabase sauna stones with the diameter of 5-10 cm. Stone colour: grey.

Control unit


The premium-class electronic control panel enables easily set the sauna temperature, lighting and more.

Control unit


The premium-class modern touch-screen control unit enables easily set the temperature, lighting and more.


Music choice gives the possibility to create different moods and feelings. The speakers are waterproof, white colour, 2 pcs in set.

Bluetooth player

The Bluetooth player brings your favourite music wirelessly from your smartphone or tablet into the sauna cabin. With the optional wall remote button you can control the audio playback effortless from inside.