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Your imagination is the only limit

At Auroom we are able to offer exquisite tailormade options, be it a sauna for private or public purposes. We can build a sauna anywhere you wish – even on your private yacht or plane.

Using the latest technologies, our capable designers, technicians and craftsmen are
happy to master even the most sophisticated projects. Tailor-made saunas and unique solutions are our strengths.

We are here to listen to your needs and wishes. Contact us and tell us your vision. We will help you make it a reality.

  • Walls

    Our state-of-the-art manufacturing capabilities and design skills enable us to create unique solutions from curved walls to very difficult angled elements.

  • Ceiling

    Auroom has the ability to make single and double-sloped, straight and curved ceilings. We use various lighting solutions and, if necessary, make special cornices according to your wishes.

  • Bench

    At Auroom we can build both multi-level and thin, wavy benches. We make ergonomic benches as well as joined together at interesting angles.

  • Glass

    You can choose between different shades of glass. We usually use tempered glass. In outdoor saunas we also use insulated glass. We work with glass manufacturers who make both "smart glass" and curved glass. Auroom also offers laminated glass, on which it is possible to adjust transmittance.

  • Lighting

    Auroom offers the possibility to use a variety of monochrome and RGB lighting solutions. Different control options can also be used.