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An oasis in your garden

Close your eyes and imagine that you have a sauna in your garden. After basking in the heat, you jump in a cold shower or natural pond in the garden to cool down, or in winter, dive into cold powdered snow. But why just dream?

An Auroom outdoor sauna is a wonderful everyday luxury that will make your outdoor living experience even more enjoyable by broadening your options for socialising and activities.

While enjoying sauna solo is always a welcome experience, the outdoor sauna is best enjoyed as a group activity. Your sauna will provide the perfect excuse to spend time with friends, get to know your colleagues or invite your family around for a catch-up. Outdoor saunas make a complete event – you can combine a barbeque dinner with a refreshing sauna experience.

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    Terra is a flexible modular outdoor sauna that allows you to design your own unique wellness space.

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    Natura softly embraces and cherishes its visitors. A perfect place to wholeheartedly enjoy the healing sauna, surrounded by a luxurious ambience.

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    Attractive and compact, Arti is smaller version of the popular Natura model.

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    Garda is a compact, affordable and flexible outdoor sauna with a clean, minimalistic design.

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