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Terra is a flexible modular outdoor sauna that allows you to design your own unique wellness space. The three modules can be used individually or combined, with an optional changing area and versatile relaxation space in addition to the sauna itself. Terra’s two design options – the Natural package’s lighter wood shades and the eye-catching color contrast of the Modern package – also offer a selection of exquisite styles.

With its elegantly sloping roof, Terra’s innovative and inviting design concept creates a dramatic allure from the outside and a luxurious sense of space within – without losing coziness or privacy.

Key features


is the smallest and simplest module, with a cozy space that can be used as a standalone sauna or linked to another module.


is a larger sauna module for those who need that little bit of extra space. In addition to the sauna, it also contains a changing area.


is a large, luxurious relaxation area that can be adapted for your requirements, from an office, studio or rehearsal room to a home cinema or guest bedroom – or simply as a place to relax between steams.


Natural – this clean, light design features natural wood tones for an open and inviting appearance.

Interior material: natural alder

Exterior material: thermo-pine

Modern – bright surfaces combine with dark contrast areas to provide privacy and shade.

Interior material: alder coated with dark-grey wax

Exterior material: thermo-pine with translucent black paint


Terra exterior

Terra Small

Terra Medium

Terra Lounge

Terra Small + Terra Lounge

Terra Small + Terra Lounge

Terra Medium + Lounge

Terra Medium + Lounge

Terra combined exterior


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