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ARTI – introducing our new outdoor sauna

ARTI – introducing our new outdoor sauna


We are very proud and excited to present the latest member of the Auroom outdoor sauna family. Please welcome ARTI – a smaller version of our popular NATURA model. Featuring the same gorgeous looks and offering the soothing experience you’d expect with an Auroom sauna, ARTI’s compact size also means it can be delivered in one piece.

An oasis of calm in an untamed environment
ARTI is a sauna that greets visitors with a soft, warm embrace. Surrounded by the great outdoors and with a luxurious ambiance that can be enhanced using the dimmable interior lights, ARTI is the perfect way to enjoy the healing properties of the sauna.

Impeccable design that chimes with the beauty of nature
On the outside, the exquisite brushed Nordic spruce charms with its deep brown color and refined elegance, while the warmth of the thermally modified aspen within invites you to indulge yourself as you enjoy an unmissable view of the outside world through the sauna’s large front window. Meanwhile, the thermally modified pine terrace gives you the opportunity to access the beauty of the surrounding nature unfiltered, bathing in its characteristic aromas and feeling the breath of the wind.

The sky’s the limit
ARTI truly is a superb sauna, and that’s partly down to its incredible flexibility. This was highlighted when it was recently installed on the roof of a skyscraper in Cyprus! The sauna was transported in one piece and lifted onto the roof of the tall building with a crane. As you can see from the images, the view from the top is simply stunning. Those fortunate enough to have access to this particular model get to enjoy the unique experience of using a sauna in heaven before emerging to feel the fresh, salty breeze of the Mediterranean. Can you imagine anything better?

A tough sauna with a warm heart
Everything about ARTI, from its comfortable interior to its solid construction, speaks quality. The painted exterior cladding is built to withstand even the harshest climates while the walls, floor and roof are well insulated and weatherproof, and the solid construction can handle heavy snow loads too. These properties come together to create a sauna that combines excellent thermal insulation with outstanding durability, keeping you cozy and safe from the elements for years to come. What’s not to love?

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