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Increased production effectiveness to meet the rising demand for design saunas

Increased production effectiveness to meet the rising demand for design saunas


We have seen steady growth in the sauna segment in recent years, and to provide our signature quality that Auroom is valued for, we have invested in production to increase our efficiency.  

The largest renewal has been made in the production area of Auroom’s outdoor saunas. “We have approached our production with a more innovative perspective and implemented lean manufacturing principles,” says Marten Merdikes, Auroom production facility manager.  

Our operations team has been able to meet customers’ expectations for faster delivery times by making the production flow as efficient and logical as possible. The factory has been able to increase its productivity more than 2 times compared to last year and reduced delivery times from 12 weeks in Q1 to 6-8 weeks in Q3/4.  

In order to maintain and improve the premium quality of Auroom saunas, we have added a dedicated quality specialist to our team, whose role is to monitor and further improve production processes on a continuous basis. 

Improvements have been also made to warehouse management, resulting in a more systematic management of inventory and customer shipments.  

Furthermore, we have started several IT investment projects, including renewing our ERP-system, implementing customer management software (CRM), and improved production planning systems. “This will improve the entire administrative process and customer support will become more transparent and optimized,” added Merdikes.  

Our team strives daily to be ready for the start of the sauna season and to meet customer expectations and looking forward to an active autumn and winter season!