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Aesthetic and practical – the holy grail of sauna design

Aesthetic and practical – the holy grail of sauna design


We love helping our customers realize their unique sauna visions, but for this masterpiece we enlisted our highly skilled in-house designer to create something truly special and show just what’s possible when exquisite building materials meet the pinnacle of craftsmanship.

The intention of the sauna is to simultaneously catch the eye and relax the mind, and the result is at once practical, comfortable and beautiful. With space for eight to sit or two to lie down and smooth, wide, rounded seats, as well as an angular design, an infinity effect on the back wall and lighting surrounding the walls and heater, this sauna really has it all.

The main material used in this design is aspen, which provides balance as a clean, light backdrop for the stronger elements that surround it. The bench panels showcase the wood’s smooth texture, with a special design that looks great and extra-wide seats that feel comfortable and offer plenty of space for everyone. The raised platform lends the sauna a further touch of coziness.

Visually, this sauna boasts many unique details including several special lighting features; on the floor around the heater, in the ceiling, on the side walls and spilling out from between the boards in the backrests and beneath the benches to give an especially warm feeling. This bench lighting also gives a stunning effect from the outside, adding to the inviting atmosphere.

The front of the sauna is fully glazed to extend the airy sense of space beyond the interior. Meanwhile, the back wall is also covered with glass that creates an endless, almost hypnotic effect, with clear and tinted options giving a choice between openness and atmospheric intimacy. This sauna possesses an array of striking features that combine to create a truly special environment where the only option is to slow down, unwind and forget about life’s stresses and strains for a little while.