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Enhance and extend your backyard with an outdoor sauna

Enhance and extend your backyard with an outdoor sauna


Let’s face it, saunas are always wonderful, whether they’re part of a larger building or If you’re a fan of outdoor living, from going on long hikes in nature to sitting on the terrace with a cool drink, you may have considered installing an outdoor sauna in your garden. We’ve already talked about some of the benefits of outdoor saunas, including their health and wellness properties and the advantages they offer over their indoor counterparts.  

This time around, we’re going into more detail on how they can be combined with other landscaping and garden design ideas to enhance your outdoor space and help you enjoy and socialize in your back yard. 

How can an outdoor sauna enhance your lifestyle? 

If you enjoy spending time in your outdoor space, a sauna is a wonderful everyday luxury that will make your outdoor living experience even more enjoyable by broadening your options for socializing and outdoor activities and making it more pleasant to spend time in your external environment.  

Here are a few examples of how: 

Get together with friends and family 

While a solo steam is always a welcome experience, the sauna is best enjoyed as a group activity. If you’re a social animal, your sauna will provide the perfect excuse to spend time with friends, get to know your colleagues or invite your family around for a catch-up. 

Enjoy outdoor meals or refreshments 

Of course, this is something you can already do without a sauna, but there’s nothing like that fresh post-bathing sensation to build up an appetite and make everything taste that little bit better. Combining the sauna with dining for an outdoor party or gathering is also a great way to socialize in the summer months. 

Take in the natural views 

Whether you have an expansive panorama over rolling hills and golden beaches or a small city-center back yard, there’s plenty of wild scenery to feast your eyes on between sauna sessions – from bees going about their business and butterflies flitting amongst the flowers to plants swaying in the wind. So sit back, relax, and ground yourself in your little piece of nature. 

Go for a swim or cool off with a shower outdoors 

One of the best things about subjecting your body to the intense heat of the sauna is how enjoyable it makes cooling off with a swim afterwards. If you don’t just happen to have a pool or lake in your yard though, you can also enjoy a refreshing cool shower to bring your body back to a comfortable temperature. 

Brave the colder weather 

After enjoying a nice hot sauna, you’ll still enjoy being outdoors even if the evening is approaching or the weather is cooling off at the tail-end of summer, meaning you can spend more time outdoors throughout the year. The benefits of subjecting our bodies to colder temperatures are increasingly coming to light, and this is a great way to start doing just that without feeling uncomfortable. 

Enjoy the health benefits sauna gives you 

In addition to all the previous, sauna is known for its endless list of health benefits. Within minutes, you will instantly feel improvement in physical and mental wellbeing. Saunas cause our body to release endorphins, which help reduce stress and increase energy level. It is like having a private spa sanctuary at home.  

How can a sauna enhance your outdoor living space? 

In addition to its functional advantages, installing a sauna in your back yard is a great opportunity to add visual appeal and improve the atmosphere of your outdoor area by creating something that blends in with and complements your existing garden design while also adding a unique new dimension to the space.  

And if your outdoor sauna has a small decking or lounge area, it will bring practical benefits too by encouraging you and your family to spend more time outdoors, making it a truly valuable addition to your home. Here are a few ways a sauna can be used to enhance your yard: 

Create a private oasis of wellness in your own back yard 

Depending how much space you have, your outdoor sauna can be part of a relaxation complex that includes a small pool and shower, a cozy lounge space and areas for outdoor wellness and leisure activities. Plants can also add to the sense of privacy, bring you closer to nature and give your retreat an exotic holiday camp feel. 

Use your outdoor sauna as a design feature 

Home saunas have a sense of luxury. Rather than simply plonking a sauna in the middle of your yard, take some time to consider where it should go, which materials you can use to ensure it complements your other garden furniture and features, and how it can be a visual and functional extension of its surroundings. 

Design your sauna as part of a landscaping project 

Taking things one step further, perhaps you’d like to completely redesign your entire garden with the sauna as the centerpiece. Let your imagination run wild and consider what can be done with the available space to turn your back yard into a masterpiece! 

What should you pay attention to when building a sauna in your back yard? 

Finally, don’t forget that there are some practical considerations to keep in mind if you intend on building a sauna in your outdoor space. Here are three key ones: 


Not only will you need enough space to build the sauna, but it will need to be easy to access and have plenty of room for any peripheral features and amenities. 


Think about how your sauna will fit into your outdoor space both physically and visually, including aspects like where to install doors and windows for the best access and views. 


If you want running water, electricity, internet access or other services available in your sauna space, make sure that you can install the connections before planning the build. 

We hope this guide has inspired you to create an outdoor wellness space that really enhances both your yard and your lifestyle. Auroom offers a selection of elegant outdoor sauna models for different tastes and requirements, as well as custom design services for more exquisite ideas.