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Sauna trends: black accent walls add a touch of character

Sauna trends: black accent walls add a touch of character


Simple, essential saunas get the job done – they are functional and look good. But sometimes a space needs a bit more edge and character. The trend of using black cladding to create statement walls in interiors, has found its way to sauna design as well. 

Why are black accent walls trending?

Black accent walls are gaining popularity fast in the sauna world. As well as offering a variety of revolutionary design options that can add depth of character, shade and texture to the spa space, they bring an enhanced sense of coziness and privacy to the wellness experience. 

Let’s look at some more reasons why so many opt for saunas with black accent features.

Accents enhance any room

Adding an accent wall makes any space more interesting, and black is a great choice if you’re looking to create visual effects like definition or shading.

Black adds depth

The idea that black makes small spaces look even smaller is actually a myth – in fact, using black accent features will add a sense of depth and contrast to any space.

Black accents are bold and dramatic

If you want to impress your guests with a strong visual statement, there’s no better way – a black accent wall is sure to give your bathing space the “wow” factor.

Black is a natural shade

If you’re going for an organic look with your interior spaces, black is a striking way to offset all those pastel tones without any need for bright or unnatural colors.

Introducing Vulcana – edgy indoor sauna by Auroom

Whenever we design a new sauna, we put the same level of attention to detail as an interior designer would when planning a kitchen or living room. A big part of that is creating modern, versatile designs. We aim to present a variety of style choices that allow homeowners to express themselves with a sauna that matches its surroundings. And if we can find a way to add functionality, looks, comfort or interesting features and materials to make our saunas more enjoyable places to spend time, we will.

One such concept that we’ve developed recently is Vulcana, a stylish indoor sauna whose black accents around the entrance and on the back wall add visual interest to the thermo-aspen walls. The black surfaces are made with Ignite cladding from Thermory. 

Ignite’s alder panels are painted black and embossed with a pattern to mimic the effects of shou sugi ban (also known as yakisugi), an ancient Japanese practice where the surface of wood is treated with a flame to make it more weatherproof, durable and attractive. Even though Thermory Ignite panels are not actually burned to achieve the shou sugi ban look, they offer comparable durability and visual effect.

In addition to its black accent walls, Auroom’s Vulcana sauna has lots of design and technical features that make it a stylish, soothing place to unwind. To find out more, check out the Vulcana product page.